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Writer Seeking Artists For Collaboration on 1 Page Scripts

My name is Jeremy Myers, and I am a writer seeking artists for collaboration on one page scripts. The comics will be used on my website, Liveitbadass.com as Sunday comics. Artists will be credited on the pages. Contact me at jeremydmyers1989@gmail.com if you are interested in creating one of these scripts. These jobs are unpaid.

The Angry Hand Towel

Panel 1 : Man in shower peaking out from behind shower curtain. Only visible towel is the Angry hand towel.

1. Guy : Crap. I forgot my towel.
2. Angry Hand Towel: Rolling his eyes, huffing : Typical.

Panel 2: Guy sees the Angry Hand Towel

1. Ooh! Thatíll work.
2. Towel: Nah, not me. Iím a hand towel. For the hands.

Panel 3: Guy rubbing his armpits with the towel, Angry Towel horrified.

Panel 4: Guy drying his ass with the Angry Hand Towel.
1. Angry Hand Towel : No! Stop!

Panel 5: Angry Towel crumpled and wet, thrown on floor. Appears shell shocked.
1. Angry Hand Towel: I never realized what bath towels go through.

The Angry Ice Cube - Mondays

Panel 1: Disheveled angry looking man who just woke up pouring cup of coffee.

Panel 2: Man holding cup of coffee standing in front of open fridge holding Angry Ice Cube.

Panel 3: Angry Ice Cube being dropped into coffee cup. He looks evil, and prepared. Perhaps performing a cannon ball.

Panel 4: Huge coffee splash in manís eye, he drops cup.

Panel 5: Broken coffee cup floor, coffee everywhere, man holding his eyes and cursing.
1. Guy: Fucking Mondays!
2. Angry Ice Cube: Muah ha ha ha ha!

Redneck Chicken

Panel 1: Redneck in a garage, holding uncooked chicken over open trash dumpster, his other hand is behind is back. He is looking into a camera.
1. Hillbilly: The redneck way to cook a chicken.

Panel 2: Redneck holding a grenade in one hand, and dropping the chicken into the dumpster with the other.

Panel 3: Redneck dropping grenade into dumpster.

Panel 4: Dumpster exploding, reverberations blasting Redneck into the air and pieces of chicken flying everywhere.

Panel 5: Redneck sitting on ground, massive headache, seeing little birds, eating a piece of the chicken.

Holy Shit

Panel 1: Piece of poop floating in the air, radiating energy, wearing white robe, has a beard and a halo, trumpets blaring. Poop Jesus.

Panel 2: Guy in bathroom, pants around ankles. Poop Jesus is floating over the toilet, and he is staring at it in awe.
Guy: Holy shit.
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