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Cool [PAID fully neg.] Concept Artist/Penciller Wanted!

Iím currently working on a large comics project, tentatively titled, ďMONSTERS WITHINĒ.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, where humans have rebuilt civilization within the confines of walled ďDistrictsĒ. Outside the walls, nature runs rampant, and monsters abound. The story focuses on two protagonists; a woman looking to escape from her role in society, and a man who fought his way to the top, only to be betrayed. Both struggle for survival against the beasts outside, and the monsters within.

This project isn't yet ready for sequential art (Iím still plotting the issues), but if you ARE a sequential artist, keep reading.

One thing I find inspiring is to have the designs of my characters around me as I write. Usually I draw them myself, but Iím really just a hobbyist illustrator, and my skill levels arenít where I want them to be for this particular project.

The idea of this job isnít just to have something ďcoolĒ for me to look at, though. Iíd also like to start showing these designs around, as part of what will be (hopefully) a slow build up to the product launch.

If you also happen to be a kickass sequential artist, and you do a great job with the character designs, chances are youíll be my first pick for the comic project itself.


*Ability to read and understand English.*
If you donít fully comprehend what I write, thatís going to give me headaches. Sorry, Iím not smart enough to know a second language. ;D

*Experience. You need to be published.*
I donít care if itís a pinup in an art magazine, the back-matter of a Kickstarter comic book, or experience as an artist for Marvel. Just show me evidence of your experience, whatever it is.

*Animal & human anatomy knowledge.*
You need to have a good working knowledge of human and animal anatomy. This is important. Iím not looking for paint-over artists here; the things I want you to draw will need an inherent understanding of anatomy and how it works.

*Expressive characters.*
I guess this falls in line with the ďexperience and knowledge of anatomyĒ, but I need the artist to draw expressive characters- not dead puppets. Show me examples.

*Creativity with costuming.*
Clothing needs to be unique and functional. If your illustrations all have fake skin-tight clothing, or all your women are basically wearing a glorified bikini, youíre not what Iím looking for.

*Iím flexible on illustration style.*
Just remember that the tone of the project is serious, so ďcuteĒ or ďfunnyĒ art styles probably wonít work. But anything from the more serious and realistic range of anime to Disney to comic-style to realism is pretty well free game.

*Communication is essential.*
If you disappear for big chunks of time, failing to respond to emails, itís not likely that Iíll throw work your way. Even if the response is, ďSorry, Iím crazy busy. Iíll write a proper response by X date.Ē I want you to keep in contact.


Here are some basic examples of the sort of content I'm looking to have done:

Face studies.
Character concepts.
Creature concepts.
Outfit variations.

Again, illustrations don't necessarily have to be at this level of finish, or in one of these artistic styles.

What To Expect From Me

*Iím flexible with the finish.*
You can send me pencil sketches, digital sketches, you can ink it up, or you can go full-out and colour the work too. If youíre a kickass penciller but not a good inker or colourist, youíll still be considered. Iím looking for artistic ability. The polish is secondary.

*Traditional pencils should be archival-quality.*
If you draw your concepts traditionally on paper, Iíd ask that the paper be archival-quality. Iím anticipating a future Kickstarter, and if we can sell some original art to contribute to the campaign (and your pocket), all the better. Details are up for negotiation if/when the time arises.

*Iím flexible with price.*
To be honest, I'm finding it difficult to give a flat rate for work- I usually leave rates up to the artist. I imagine $50 per page for face concepts, and $100 per character/creature concept. Please see my earlier point regarding the finish of these concepts.
Please note that these prices are completely negotiable. If you quote me a price for work that matches your skill level, Iíll pay it. Just be aware that higher prices will mean more of a gap between commissions, seeing as Iím not rich. ;D

*Payment terms are 50/50*, paid via PAYPAL, preferably Australian Dollars (AUD).
Thatís 50% of the task price before work begins, with the last 50% paid within 48 hours of a low-res proof. Final full-resolution files (size and details of the task will be briefed per job, before work begins) are expected to be delivered within 48 hours of final payment.
Please note that if I donít KNOW you, Iíll want to start with a small, inexpensive task first, to test the waters. Iím not going to hand over massive deposits to strangers (yes, Iím speaking from experience). If you prove yourself to be capable (and not a con or flake), Iíll lump the bigger jobs on you. More money.
Of course, if youíre a big shot and can get a bunch of very well-known folk to vouch for you, Iíll probably throw you on the big stuff straight away.

*Length of Project is Ongoing.*
Roughly, I'm looking for 3 main character concepts, at least 3 secondary character concepts (including one non-human character), as well as potentially some background character and creature concepts. Each of the main characters (and possibly the secondary characters) should have a number (3-6) outfit variations.
There will likely be further work after this, if you're up to it.
I havenít got a stack of money saved up. Rather, I can dedicate a portion of my regular income to art. So the more your art costs, the more weíll likely have to space things out. This is ideal for folk who are currently working on other projects, but who have time to do some work on the side.
Regarding when work STARTS, I donít mind if youíre currently too busy to take on work, as long as you can fit me in somewhere within the next month or two.


Please link to art that shows the full range of your artistic abilities, and fulfills the points outlined in the Requirements section (e.g. expressive characters, evidence of top-notch human and animal anatomy, creative but functional costuming).

Please LINK to art. Donít attach art to your email. Any emails that have attachments will be deleted, to avoid filling my inbox. I donít mind if you LINK to a PDF, Dropbox folder, DeviantArt gallery, personal website, or whatever, as long as I can easily find art that represents your ability to meet my requirements.

If you are a sequential artist, please feel free to show me examples of your sequential work (only things youíve DRAWN) as well as your character designs. I will have need for sequentials in future, so if youíve got some for me to look at, thatís great.

Please send your emails to: projects AT alyssacrow DOT com

Extra points if youíre friendly and relaxed in your email. Iím Aussie. Aussies like friendly and relaxed. ;D


Depending on how many submissions I receive, I might not be able to respond to all emails. If you havenít heard back from me within a fortnight, it means I havenít chosen you for this project.

About Me
I'm just a girl wanting to make comics. My "day job" is as a freelance book cover designer, and I earn additional income through book royalties (I'm a self-published author, with decent success), under pseudonyms. You can learn a little more about me through my personal website (sorry it's still a work in progress, but I've got some posts up) and on Twitter.
If you're still not sure about me, Steven Forbes of ComixTribe is happy to give a character reference! He knows how crazy wonderful I am.


Iíve worked with artists in the past for my ďday jobĒ. I always strive to be fair and friendly. Iím completely negotiable on price, as long as your asking price represents the quality of your work. I never ask artists to work for free.

If you donít qualify for this project, but you know of folk who might be interested, please spread the word! Even if I donít use X Applicantís skills for this particular project, I may in all likelihood use it for another.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing your art.
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I've got truckloads of applications! Thanks so much,everyone! I'm currently sorting through them all, and trying to narrow down my short-list.

APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED for the moment, while I put some of these applicants through small paid trials.

I'll let everyone know how things go!
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Join Date: Nov 2013
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Alyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to allAlyssa is a name known to all

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know how things are going.


I've been inundated with so many awesome applications. Thanks to all those who applied!

Those who made it to the short list should have received an email from me a while ago.

Currently, I'm trialing two different artists with paid tasks (you can follow the progress here: Monsters Within). They're doing awesome work so far, but if for any reason it doesn't work out, I'll move through the applicants on my short list. I've sent an email out today to a few of those whose work I'm most interested in.

I'm going to keep the emails from those on my shortlist, so if anything comes up, you'll be hearing from me!

Thanks again, everyone!
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artist wanted, concept art, penciller

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