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Looking for writer for collaboration (opportunity to work with an amazing artist)

I am looking for a writer to collaborate with on bringing my Television series/comicbook idea to fruition. My work partner is an amazing published artist named James Hislope, and we are set to begin working on our next project as soon as we can find someone to help us bring our many ideas for it together in a cohesive manner.

I will give more details to those once we find someone that we may be interested in working with, but our plan is to create a 32 page comic so our interested Hollywood representation can shop it as a potential TV series. If the comic we create turns out as expected, we will also submit it to comicbook publishers as well.

The basic outline for the first comic is already finished, but we need a writer that can help us write the script for it, and for future stories (We are taking the JJ Abrams approach with what he did with Lost - come up with a cool premise and then have writers run with it). We have numerous ideas for what can potentially be included in the world-building, but are open to whatever ideas the writer we find brings to the table. We want a true collaborator.

To give you some idea of what the project is about (and hopefully the writer we find has these genre interests), it combines aspects of Red Dawn, Terminator, and 300. It takes place in the not so distant future (20-50 years from the present), and includes fantasy/sci-fi elements, but is based in reality.

It is going to be an adult comic, with graphic language, violence, and some sexual situations (but nothing pornographic). If you are into conspiracy theories that is a plus, and there is some political elements as well, but nothing pushing any agenda.

If you are interested, please send me an email to axcreations@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself and include a writing sample (preferably a comicbook script).

At the moment, my budget is being spent on the artist, so a writing credit is all I can offer to start, but if the projects gets picked up as a TV series and/or comic, I am more than willing to pay backend.

Examples of James' work:

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