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Con Artist Entertainment
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Wanted: Penciler for established series.

I’m looking to hire a penciler who is Enthusiastic, energetic, highly motivated, has excellent communication skills and is able to meet deadlines.

I’ll be taking submissions for the second arc of my creator owned series ‘Joshua Black’. If you are unfamiliar with me, you can find my profile on Comicvine. I have worked on major publications for IDW, Darkhorse, and Hashtag Comics.

Project Size:
3 Issues (5 - 8) (24 to 32 pages per issue)
(Scripts for all 3 are complete)

What am I looking for?
I am seeking a professional sequential artist who is skilled in the genre of Dark Fantasy, Modern drama, and some horror elements. You will be drawing cities, landscapes, energy effects, people, vehicles, weather(snow and rain storms), fires, and more. Ideally looking for an artist who has a good grasp on realistic characters. It is important to have a grasp on anatomy, and solid visual storytelling.

The series is 4 issues in, with one collected edition, and a few web comics have been released as well. The book is to be published by CAE Studios (as have all the previous installments). I may potentially pitch it to IDW or Oni Press once we have the 3 issues complete.

This is contracted and paid work, I will be paying $20-25 per penciled page. This rate is unfortunately, non-negotiable. This is a creator owned series, and I can only afford so much. (I'm a starving artist myself).

Payment Info:
Payment will be made via paypal. (unless a different method is preferred and agreed upon). You will be paid for every 6 pages you complete(revisions must be made if necessary). Payments will be made within 5 business days of receiving page sets.

Other things of note!
I may ask for any submitting artist to provide one sample page of art, based on a previously published page. (This page will NOT be used in anyway other than to determine if you fit the style for the series.) There will be a deadline of 2 business days, upon agreeing to do the sample page.
(I need to know you can do roughly 3 - 5 pages a week if needed.)

The book features a solid creative team and sadly our penciler recently had to step away due to personal issues. Our team members have credentials that include published work with IDW, Image, Darkhorse, Hashtag, and more.

If you have previously been published, please let me know.
I will take that into account upon my review of your sample page.

Please contact me at Submissions@Conartistentertainment.com for further details.

Thank you,

Martin Dunn
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Con Artist Entertainment
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Location: Tampa, FL
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Hey guys.
Thanks again for all the submissions. I was totally under estimating the volume of portfolios I would be receiving. So, with over 200 people trying out, I think I'm at my limit. So, thank you again. I'll be making a final decision over the next week or so.

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