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Lightbulb Looking for artist for black and white original comic!

My name is José Nogueira. Portuguese living in the United Kingdom at the moment, Manchester to be more precise. I've been writing my project for the last two years and I'm looking for a crazy artist for hire to help me taking this universe I've been creating out of my head, into paper. I don't want someone that only does what he's told, but someone who can understand the rules of this new world and help me dictate where we are going. I need someone to have an in-depth understanding of how to tell a story and how to play outside the box. I speak three languages, Portuguese, Spanish and English and I can use whatever you need to communicate, I love skype, but I can go as far as your front yard. No stalker! (I've got nothing against stalkers though).

I haven’t got an initial number of pages for the comic but my offer is $75 USD a page up front!

I want to self-publish via Kickstarter, and if we do get founded in the start of the project, we will obviously renegotiate the price per page increase. I will submit payment immediately for every four completed pages I get (and an invoice through Paypal). Payments will be made within 24 hours of receipt of the 300DPI tiff pages in my email or Dropbox account.

While I was writing "Smackers" I was massively inspired by movies like Oldboy, Fight... (shhh, we're not supposed to... let’s just skip that one) and by uncensored and raw artists like Gaspar Noé and the new French extremity, a crossover between sexual decadence, bestial violence and troubling psychosis. It all started as a short film script that I now want to turn into a comic book, needing the artist's help to adapt it into panels. I want it to be black & white and to have a noirish feel to it, with some colored elements (Sin city type of thing). This is the closest I've found to the look I am looking for. But I don't let anything limit us!

“The story is set in a City called "Beco", home to a giant cereal processing plant located in the middle of an infinite looking desert, ruled by fear and strict rules. As far as it's dwellers know, they are humanity's last hope, as the citizens are not allowed to leave the city to explore the unknown world, and the one's that do, by being sent out shackled as punishment or by managing to escape end up dead. The city is ruled by mobsters in suits that use this cereal brand, "Smackers", as a cover up for the drug business and human trafficking they're engaged in with the other cities. The cereals created in Beco are a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen that brainwashes its consumers, getting them in good mood and in a way, almost oblivious to what happens around them. “Smackers” are in everyone’s life since they are born, they have their own mascots and animated show on television, merchandise, events at schools and even a tale that is sung and told as a goodnight story to children. "A story about how the desert free spirit warriors conquered the oyster town from the animals, and how they have to protect their shiny pearl, no matter what."
We follow "Asa", one of the creative artists working for “Smackers” and maybe the one who’s going to make the difference.”

If you want to double check that I'm not a robot you... you can... sorry, running out of battery... you can check my Flickr page (https://www.flickr.com/photos/123255411@N02/) and Facebook page! (https://www.facebook.com/getbackinthekitchen69)

If you’re interested email me samples of your work and If you have any questions that I can give mind changing answers to, please contact me by email too. itisinoga@gmail.com
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artist for hire, black and white, original story, paid work, smackers

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