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claytonbarton will become famous soon enoughclaytonbarton will become famous soon enough

How to Draw High Heels

Confession time… I’m HORRIBLE at meeting deadlines… Give me a list of things to do and I’ll do them all eventually. When I get round to doing them is a different story.

The High Heels Tutorial I’ve been working on for the last week or so for example, was supposed to be out days ago.

And the tutorial itself is already finished, but I wanted to add in some additional illustrations to help drive home a few of the key points I wanted to make throughout the video.

Also, I wanted an excuse to include some bonus eye candy.

Phew… anyway! I’ve just finished up the inks for this ass-kickin minx. I really wanted to create something special for the Tutorial Thumbnail on Youtube - and this it - plus she’s featured at the beginning of the into so it was totally worth the extra time and effort to draw her up.

I loved the direction I took on the cyber-punk costume this time around.

It might be a little racey for some; but I that smooth sci-fi style combined with the punk/goth aesthetic comes together to give the character a slick, sexy, Aeon Flux type appeal.

Yep, it’s not at all practical – but she’ll dazzle the onlookers without a doubt.

Given I drew up this character purely from my imagination; she required a little tweaking throughout the creation process.

Almost everything from her booty, boobs and arms, to the size of her head was adjusted, erased, and re-adjusted. And I don’t think there’s any shame in that.

The creation process is rarely smooth sailing from beginning to end. To beat yourself up for having to re-jig a drawing every now and then is just not something you gotta do, because the truth is even the pros screw up from time to time.

That’s all part of the fun! Drawing is just one of those crafts that keeps us challenged, and thank goodness it does otherwise we’d all grow bored of it otherwise.

I hope you like her! She was an awesome character to work on and though there were a few obstacles along the way, I enjoyed every moment of it.

I’ve actually recorded a time-lapse of this illustration and all the other characters I’ve drawn up for the tutorial – and honestly, I’ve racked up such a huge library of video demos now that are just sitting there on my hard drive – I’m actually thinking of releasing them as monthly packs on Gumroad or something.

Let me know what your thoughts are on that, I’d love to know what you think and whether or not it might be something you’re interested in.

Thanks for reading – and remember to sign up here: www.howtodrawcomics.net – so that I can send a link straight to your e-mail inbox to the High Heels Tutorial as soon as it’s uploaded to the Tube. Should be up in a couple of hours.

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claytonbarton will become famous soon enoughclaytonbarton will become famous soon enough

Copious amounts of coffee, 3 rendering attempts and one very late night later – I’m excited to finally present to you ‘How To Draw Girls In High Heels’: https://youtu.be/ly47qHuE9FA

In this in-depth Comic Art Tutorial, you’re going to learn how to accentuate the feminine essence and sex appeal of your female Comic Book Characters by incorporating High Heels into their costume design.

I’ll explain, in detail, how and why wearing High Heels can cause your female characters to appear more desirable and how they adjust the anatomy of a woman physically to enhance her overall visual appeal.

This lesson has been put together a little differently compared to the previous ones I’ve put out. For starters not one bit of this is scripted. Nada! I’m riffing free-flow the whole way through. It’s as if you’re right there in the class room as I teach you all of this stuff LIVE!

So for the most part you’ll be drawing in your sketchbook with me throughout the entire process, as you watch me demonstrate and explain my approach to drawing High Heels from beginning to end.

I must warn you though, this tut is not for the faint of heart – it’s a whopping 1 hour, 40 minute long intensive training sesh that’s going to teach you how to break the high heel down into 3 basic forms that you can easily redraw from almost any angle you can think of.

The great thing about these High Heel forms is that once you practice them a few times over, you’ll be able to draw the High Heeled foot of a woman from a variety of dynamic perspectives.

Best of all you’re going to get an inside look into my very simple method for drawing female legs – from the front, side AND back! – I don’t skip over a thing.

You’ll literally be able to sit there with your sketchbook and follow along with me every step of the way – ultimately ending up with your own flashy High Heels drawn up on the page right there in front of you.

My aim here is to give you real results and to ensure you’ve got a handle on drawing High Heels by the time the lesson is over. So after you’ve gone through the tutorial – send in your work at claytonbarton@howtodrawcomics.net and let me know how it’s benefitted you.

I hope you enjoy it – thanks for watching and keep on creating!
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