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Super Human: Archetypes & Archenemies

[B]TL;DR: a super powered alien hero, a street wise former pro wrestler & sidekick, a vigilante detective who uses his wealth to fight crime, and a forgotten Norse Goddess striving for redemption. With their paths all converging on the City of the Future, will they save the world or destroy it?[/B]

Obviously, these characters are analogs of very famous existing characters, though with very different origins and personalities. Indeed, the pro wrestling angle (see what I did there?) is actually a central to the story itself.

Criterion is modeled after Supersena. Manta/Luthor Mcdowell Jr. is a mashup of VinnieMac and Trips, and the Sxint should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows wrestling. (duh, he's from Chicago).


Project is not live yet, just looking for brutal feedback, not backers (yet).

Let me know what you think!

Sample Pages:

Criterion/Hudge: ========================================

Yeah, Criterion rocks J's.

Matthew "Hudge" Hudgeons is an archetypical hero character with superhuman strength, flight and speed, amongst other powers.

It's *almost* like he's from another planet.

Lately he's been moonlighting as a vigilante, stopping some petty crimes and gaining some local notoriety in Manhattan.

Manhattan, Kansas.

One night as he is investigating the break-in of a local print house (see: petty crimes) Hudge runs into a caped, shadowy detective character known as the Manta, who is conducting his own investigation. Uninterested in the break-in itself, Manta's case centers around the paper that was stolen; a very special paper that is used and issued by the US mint to print currency. During an initial battle in which Manta realizes he is hopelessly outmatched by this super powered dynamo, he notices that Hudge uses some pro wrestling style holds and throws, and correctly deducts that he is a fan of Championship Wrestling Heroes, McDowell's company. Revealing himself as Luthor McDowell, Jr., owner and promoter of CWH, he quickly sets the large young man at ease. After witnessing his incredible powers, Manta also suspects that Hudge is somehow connected with the events that created Great Lake Tulsa in 1983, and the subsequent founding of it's namesake New Lake City. He proposes to take Hudge under his wing and train him properly, along with offering him a job wrestling for his company as a way to cover for his extra curricular activities, an offer Hudgeons eagerly accepts.

The Manta: ========================================

The Manta is willing to do what's best for Justice, sometimes very unheroic things.

A legendary crime fighter and the second man to wear the uniform. His secret identity is that of Luthor McDowell, Jr., billionaire owner and promoter of CWH, the largest producer of Professional Wrestling Entertainment in the world. He plays the in ring character known as "Mr. Luthor," wherein he is an overbearing authoritarian who seeks to dominate every part of the promotion. His character is constantly feuding with fan favorites or "Heroes," often colluding with "Heels" to do so. He inherited the business from his father, Luthor McDowell, Sr., who was the first Manta, founder of CWH, and an early companion of the Shield Maiden during the Korean War. McDowell Jr. grew the company from a regional promotion into a global conglomerate, amassing a vast fortune along the way. Using the traveling show as a cover for his movements, Manta rarely defends any one particular city for long, unlike the Sxint who has made it known that Chicago is *his* town. The lone exception to this seems to be New Lake City, where the worldwide headquarters of CWH are located. Indeed, there have been reported Manta sightings in different cities on the same night on multiple occasions, and one of them is always New Lake.

His company uses search algorithms and Google alerts to hunt for wrestling talent, which Manta has also adapted to run a piggy back system that searches for crime. Additionally, he uses it to search for leads about the rise in super human sightings and their relation to the asteroid impact and subsequent earthquakes that turned Tulsa into a giant freshwater memorial. Of particular interest to McDowell is a man who claimed that he, along with several others, had been the victim of alien abduction and experimentation outside of Manhattan, Kansas. None of the abductees had known each other, some hailing from as much as half a world away, yet all of their recorded accounts were vividly identical. All went on to give birth to, or father a single child, then die not long afterwards. The man's name was Michael Hudgeons.

Wrestling Promoter Luthor McDowell, Jr. and CWH Champ Cassius Claymore Creed (C3-Hero)

The Sxint: ==============================================
Reddit's favorite hero

As Sparrow he was the former sidekick of Manta. As a former professional wrestler, he was one of CWH's biggest stars. At some point in his career, he came across information that led him to believe that he (and many other wrestlers on the roster) had been the victim of genetic experimentation. Somehow, instead of killing him these experiments had granted him increasingly extraordinary powers and abilities (strength, speed, stamina, agility, healing, enhanced sense, etc.) Suspicious about the nature of these powers and fearing the worst, he faked his own death as the sidekick Sparrow and disappeared. McDowell and CWH released a statement that he was yet another tragic pro wrestling death due to steroid abuse, and aired a tribute to him. Several years later, a vigilante known as the 2nd City Sxint started gaining notoriety in Chicago, attracting the attention of Manta and his new protegé Criterion. It's only a matter of time before they cross paths.

The Sxint has been known to take advantage of social media and advertising billboards, advising criminals that Chicago is not the place for their activities, even garnering a huge Twitter following and conducting AMA's on Reddit. Of particular interest to him are drug dealing operations, as he advocates a straight edge lifestyle following his years of partying as a pro wrestler, and the experiments that were inflicted upon him and his friends. Ultimately, he seeks retribution from the man that he holds responsible; the legendary "hero" Manta.

The Shield Maiden: =======================================

Shield Maiden, the world's first super hero.

Prima, (Prymhildr, Alfodrsdottir, the Fallen Valkyrie) bearer of the sword Grim, twin to the blade Gram; the forgotten daughter of Odin.

Upon presenting the dwarf crafted Mjolnir, Gungnir and Gullinbursti to Thor, Odin and Freyr respectively, Loki also gave gifts to Prima, Odin's Daughter by the Valkyrie Brynhildr. The swords Grim and Gram (the latter of which she then gave to Odin to honor him), and the shield Svalinn, so sturdy that it was said it could shield the earth from the light of the sun. Now a forgotten part of Asgard, Prima made her way to Midgard to find a way to reverse the spell that made her father forget her, whereupon she gained fame and adulation as the Shield Maiden, Earth's first super hero. Though Prima is sometimes successful in proving herself a scion of the Alfodr to enlist the help of other Æsir and Vanir, she is just as quickly forgotten upon leaving their presence.


The Tunguska Event: (1908) - Tunguska River, Siberia, Russia

The Valkyrie Grimhild gave Prima's father Odin a magic potion to make him forget her mother (and Grimhild's chief rival) Brynhildr, thereby making all of the other gods (and men) also forget the existence of his daughter; including Brynhildr herself, who went on to fall in love with a human man and have other children through him. Her fear, anger and frustration at being forgotten by everyone she ever knew or loved manifested in her fury as she set upon Grimhild. As they battled across the skies of Asgard, the gods witnessed only Grimhild herself in what appeared to be a mad frenzy, and so Odin cast her out; bringing Prima with her. They descended in the form of a fiery comet that split in two upon entering earth's atmosphere. Seeking to minimize both environmental damage and loss of life, Prima targeted a remote location in the Siberian wastes over which to land. Even so, the force of her gravitation devastated the surrounding countryside for nearly 800 miles. Such was the impact of her landing that during WWII the Allies developed the Atomic Bomb based on the residual energy signature and blast range left by her arrival.

New Lake City: (1983) Tulsa, OK

Sadly, Grimhild also picked her landing site, and did so with inimical intent. However, due to the peculiar nature of gods and the ways in which they both view and move through the ocean of time, the comet bearing the Dark Valkyrie didn't land until 1983, striking Tulsa, Oklahoma off the map and leaving a massive crater that soon filled with groundwater to form the New Great Lake Tulsa. New Lake City was eventually planned and built adjacent, then populated by lottery winners with great fanfare as the "City of the Future." A military base was also quietly built on a platform in the center of the giant lake. Public access is restricted within a 100 mile radius.

The Godsleep: There has always been something special about New Lake City. Whether it is simply a matter of its status as the "City of the Future" or if there really is something in the water, New Lake attracts the crazies; often those with super powers. It is the most famous urban legend in the world that something lies at the bottom of Great Lake Tulsa, and the tinfoil hat wearing crowd has postulated many theories over the years. The truth is also the scariest possible scenario; that a living, evil goddess slumbers in the deep. For years the Shield Maiden has warned the world that Grimhild had followed her to Midgard in her own fiery comet, and that her arrival would shake the earth. Then Tulsa happened in 1983, and still they doubted her. Prima inspected the crash site for herself to confirm that the Dark Valkyrie was indeed "dead," as gods cannot be killed, just injured badly enough that they enter into the godsleep (a stasis like dream state) while they heal and regain strength. She urged them not to resettle a city so close to *her*, as the future consequences for mankind would be dire. As with her prediction of the comet that brought her, Prima's foretelling of the time of Grimhild's awakening from the godsleep is an equally vague and useless "Anon," but awaken she will.

In the meantime, the US military has gained much and more knowledge far ahead of its time and now has weapons they believe capable of incapacitating a god, should the need ever arise.
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