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davedrawsgood will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by Justice41 View Post
Nice stuff some action issues and inconsistencies but nice. How did the tire on the car that was smashed by Cap wind up back in it's wheel well?
That last panel of your last post i would remove the mountain cliff thing altogether. It looks weird and out of place.
Some good points, thanks for taking the time.
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These are great! Clear storytelling, no unnecessary panels, great art.
A few things: Wolverines posture looks a little stiff and weird on page 1 panel 2, I'd have him kneeling down, now it looks like he's somehow sitting on the car's windshield.
Another thing, which has already been pointed out, is Wolvies legs on panel 2 page 2, they look weird, there's no reason for him not to stand up straight.
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I love the old school rendering on these pages. I love the details and I can see the amount of work.
But let me point some stuff that slightly poked my eyes:

pg 2 pan 2: i think the hand (that beautifully rounds the guy's face) is a little off in relation with the shoulder. somehow unnatural.
pg 3 pan 4: Punisher's crutch is little too short while in the next page is right. Also the head is too little and in the next page is better proportioned. I always thought that is a fine line between "impressive" and "monstrous" in realist style.
pag 4 pan 3 & 4: the shadows on Punisher's face. the source of light is different and projects different shadows on his face.
page 5: the form of the explosion is too round and it doesn't look much of a powerful one. I think there is a chance to improve that with colors. I would have liked to see more debris. And a little too much dead space on the top left corner.

The rest is admirable work. And I hope you get the gigs you dream! keep it up!
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marvel, pencils, samples

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