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Exclamation Artist needed for full-length sci-fi/military novel

Greetings to all potential artists! Me and a good friend of mine have been working on a sci-fi/military action novel for about five years now, and recently we have decided to switch to graphic novel format, as we believe the fast paced, action-packed story line would be better rendered in visual format. The story focuses on a group of friends who acquire superhuman abilities, and are subsequently drafted into the USDPR, a top secret military organization within the U.S government that trains superhumans to combat and contain aliens, cryptids, and other paranormal threats to national security (generally classified as 'anomalies'). It is similar to X-men and the Avengers but with a heavy dose of modern military operations and SCP type stuff mixed in.

Any artist interested in helping should be well versed in rendering a wide range of subjects, in both static and active scenes. Subjects that will appear frequently include:
-Superhuman abilities
-Aliens/space warfare
-Dinosaurs/animals (real and mythical)
-Advanced technology

We are very committed to this project and intend to take it as far as it will go, therefore as soon as we can find an artist we will begin submitting proposals to publishers (including big-name publishers like Marvel and DC). This means that anyone wanting to join the project needs to be just as committed, and should be able to put out finished pages in accordance with the terms of whatever publishing deal we get. We are hoping to get an advance from a publisher if at all possible, so there is some potential for an initial payoff. Anyone willing to join will be considered a full and official member of the team, so of course any royalties/profits made from this venture will be distributed accordingly.

If you are interested in our offer, please email me at nvencoded@hotmail.com. Include your contact info and a few samples of your work.

We have high hopes for this project, and we hope someone here can help us out. Good day, and happy drawing!
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Closed Thread

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