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Troy Dye
Fractured Entertainment
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Published Writer Seeking Penciller for 6-Page Pitch

Iíve posted here before and found that DW is by far the best place to find talented comic book artists (thank you, Ed). So here I am again! Iíve recently decided to become a pitching machine. As a writer, I have a ton of ideas, but theyíre not doing me any good collecting virtual dust on my hard drive. I already have a few pitches being worked on by different artists (some pro and some up-and-coming), but since theyíre all busy, Iím putting together a new team for this book.

First and foremost, Iím seeking a penciller (bonus points if ink and/or color your own work!). Iíll also need a colorist and letterer at some point in the future, so please feel free to hit me up for that, too.

WHO AM I? Iíve been writing comics off and on over the last 10 or so years. My credits include Funko Ghostbusters for IDW, as well several stories for DreamWorks Animation: Shrek, Megamind, Puss-in-Boots, and Kung Fun Panda. I also worked as a Submissions Editor for Ape Entertainment (now defunct) for a few years, which is where I learned more about the business side of things. Go to www.TroyDye.com if youíd like to read some of my work.

THE DETAILS: Letís start with the most important thing first Ö

MONEY: While I would love to pay the creative team upfront for the pitch, unfortunately, I canít. Payment for the creative team is dependent on a successful Kickstarter campaign. Page rates for art will be negotiated before the campaign. Should the project receive funding, the creative team will immediately be paid their page rates for all of their pages in the pitch. Since creating a comic takes a lot of time and effort, each issue will have its own crowdfunding campaign. If thereís any money left after the project has been completed, the creative team will receive some sort of bonus.

Iím extremely confident that we can get funded and make this project a reality. Why? First off, because your art will kick a$$. Secondly, I have a few friends who know a thing or two about running crowdfunding campaigns. Thirdly, Iím a digital marketer by day (I have few tricks up my virtual sleeve that may come in handy).

THE PLAN: Step one is to pitch publishers. Step two is crowdfunding. Why pitch publishers first? Landing a publisher first may increase the odds of funding on Kickstarter. If publishers arenít interested in the book, then self-publishing it is! Either way, Iíll run a Kickstarter campaign to fund this book.

THE COMMITMENT: Most publishers require 6 sequential pages and a cover for a pitch. You can do more if you want, but thatís all Iím asking for. But should the first issue receive funding, you must be able to complete a minimum of 2-3 pages per month. If you canít work at that speed, backers may insist that we be tarred and feathered by the Kickstarter gods. Doesn't sound like fun. The ability to complete pages on a consistent and timely basis is key to making this endeavor a success.

GENRE: Medieval Fantasy. Think King Arthur.

ART STYLE: Realistic. Lots of knights in combat in this story. If fantasy (or a realistic style) is not your thing, no worries, I may have something else for you in the future.

Keep in mind that publishers have extremely high standards. Because of that, your work must be as good as, or close to, what you see being sold in comic book stores. A pitch lives or dies by its art. Even a great story wonít compensate for subpar art.

FORMAT: A full-color, 3 or 4 issue comic book miniseries

AUDIENCE: Teens and adults (contains some expletives and graphic violence, but no nudity). If it were a movie, Iíd rate it PG-13.

CONTACT: If you are interested, please send me a link to your portfolio to fracturedent@gmail.com. Please do not send file attachments.

RESPONSE TIME: It may take a few days (or more), but I will respond to each inquiry as fast as I can.

Thank you!
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Troy Dye
Fractured Entertainment
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 79
Troy Dye is on a distinguished road

Thanks to all of you who have responded to this post. I've chosen my artist for this particular project. Feel free to email me anyway, as I always have something cooking.

Stay Safe,
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