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Black Jack Issue Two "Guts Over Fear

PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. Side. A middle-aged white woman is in the corridor of Jack’s apartment block, closing Doris’s apartment door.

PANEL TWO (row one): Medium. Frontal. In the foreground, the middle-aged woman now away from the door, walks straight ahead. In the background silhouetted, just visible, a large, stocky figure.

PANEL THREE (row two): Wide. Frontal. The figure approaches revealing itself to be a middle aged african-american. He has a hairline that sits on the top of his head, dark brown eyes, low moderate cheekbones, a straight nose, and a van-dyke beard. He’s wearing a collared T-shirt and dark jeans.

PANEL FOUR (row three): Wide. From behind. The black man has stopped at Jack’s door and has knocked on loudly.


2. DORIS (off-panel): Dwayne?

PANEL FIVE (row four): Wide. Diagonal shot. In the foreground, from behind, Dwayne has turned around to see who’s called his name. In the background, from the front, Doris is at her front door in her wheelchair.

3. DWAYNE: Oh, hey Doris.

4. DORIS: Is-Is Jack in?

5. DWAYNE: Well, if he is, he isn’t answering.


PANEL ONE (row one): Close. Doris lets out a worried look.

6. DORIS: Oh, dear.

7. DWAYNE (off-panel): Is everything okay, Doris? What’s wrong?

8. DORIS: He… he didn’t come to see me this morning.

PANEL TWO (row one): Frontal. Medium. Dwayne, arm leaning against Jack’s door frame.

9. DWAYNE: Well, I’m sure he’s okay. I-er, I just came to pick up his rent.

PANEL THREE (row two): Wide. Close. Doris, her ears pricked up, head turned slightly to the side.

10. DORIS: Did you hear that?!

11. DWAYNE (off-panel): I-I didn’t hear anything.

PANEL FOUR (row three): Wide. Side. Jack in his apartment, a mess, sick around his mouth, light headed, and weak at the knees. He’s stumbled while shouting out. In the background, his couch, just in view, the table stand with an empty pill bottle laid out on top of it

12. JACK: HELP!!


PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. Close. Hand over her mouth, Doris looks on in horror.

13. JACK (off-panel): HELP!!

PANEL TWO (row one): Medium. Dwayne, with a worried look on his face, has fumbled one of his hands into his pocket, his other hand on the outside placed over the hand in the pocket.

14. DORIS (off-panel): Quick! Get in!

PANEL THREE (row two): Long. From behind. Titled bird’s eye view. Dwayne has forcefully kicked Jack’s door in.


PANEL FOUR (row two): Large. Crouched over, Dwayne holds Jack in his arms. He’s caught him just before he’s hit the floor.

PANEL FIVE (row two): Small. Blackness.


PANEL ONE (row one): Small. All is blackness again.

PANEL TWO (row one): Wide. Frontal. Jack is sat up in a hospital bed in a hospital gown, a little perplexed, staring blankly ahead.

16. DWAYNE (off-panel): Jack…

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Dwayne, now with a coat on, from behind in the foreground, rucksack over his back. Jack from the front, in the background, looking to him.

17. JACK: D-Dwayne?

PANEL FOUR (row two): Medium. Dwayne subdued, head down.

18. DWAYNE: Hi, Jack

PANEL FIVE (row three): Large. Dwayne from the front in the background. In the foreground, the bottom of Jack’s hospital bed, the rucksack laid out on it.

19. DWAYNE: I er… I just came to bring you some stuff… and to see how you were doing. Now that I know you’re fine, I’ll get going!

PANEL SIX (row three): Large. Jack nervous and worried.

20. JACK: Wait! Doris, h-how is she?


PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. Frontal. Dwayne, blunt, serious, and forceful.

21. DWAYNE: She er… Doris had a heart attack. She’s dead, Jack!

PANEL TWO (row one): Wide. From behind, Dwayne walks away, making his way off of Jack’s ward.

PANEL THREE (row two): Large. Close. Jack, mouth downturned, nostrils flared, crying.






PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Full figures. Sat in a cold coloured room being questioned by two psychologists with boxed handkerchiefs upon a table between them, Jack stares through a window to the left of him. It’s raining outside.

22. PSYCHOLOGIST 1: And have you ever tried anything like this before, Jack?

PANEL TWO (row two): Medium. Jack answers, his head facing to the side, to the window he’s still staring out of.

23. JACK: No.

PANEL THREE (row two): Close. Rain drop streamed window.

BEGIN FLASHBACK: (different style gutters for the flashback please)

PANEL FOUR (row two): Medium. Close. The same Cavapoo from the first issue, Max, is running through a green meadow.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Zoomed out. The image of the Cavapoo revealed to be a painting on a canvas.

PANEL SIX (row three): Zoomed out more. Wide. A longer haired sixteen year old Jack, scar intact, sat on a chair, looking at his work, the painting, on an easel.

24. SFX: Knock knock knock!


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Sixteen year old Jack now standing, making his way towards the apartment door.

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Large. Frontal. Door open, ten years younger Doris sat in her wheelchair, smiling, a tray of baked cookies in her lap.

25. DORIS: So, you must be Jack.

PANEL THREE (row two): Small. Close. Sixteen year old Jack, happy, closed smile.

END OF FLASHBACK. (return to normal guttering, please)

PANEL FOUR (row three): Wide. Zoomed out. Back to the present day, to the psychological assessment room. Jack continues to stare through the window as he’s being assessed by the two psychologists.

26. PSYCHOLOGIST 2: And what was it that made you do this?


PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. Jack, head down, deflated.

27. JACK: Life.

PANEL TWO (row one): Close. Jack, head looking slightly downwards, eyes following, looking on longingly.

BEGIN FLASHBACK: (flashback guttering again, please)

PANEL THREE (row one): Close. Identical type of shot to last, only now an eighteen year old even longer haired Jack (longer than the previous flashback). Scar obviously still intact.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Medium. Zoomed out. The eighteen year old Jack walks along the corridor to his apartment.

PANEL FIVE (row two): Medium. From behind. Eighteen year old Jack at his door, unlocking it.

PANEL SIX (row three): Close. A little dark. Keys about to drop into a key bowl.

PANEL SEVEN (row three): Close. Lighter. Light switch has been pressed on.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Revealed, now eight years younger Doris sat in her wheelchair by a round table. It has a birthday cake upon it. She has a birthday party hat on her head, and a present in her lap.


PANEL TWO (row one): Small. Close. Eighteen year old Jack, with a big, bright, open smile.

END OF FLASHBACK. (Again, back to normal guttering now please.)

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Back to present day Jack. His eyes well up with tears.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Close. One of the psychologists pulls on a handkerchief from its box.

29. PSYCHOLOGIST ONE: And what now, Jack?

PANEL FIVE (row three): Wide. Zoomed out. One of the psychologists has reached out and handed the handkerchief to Jack, who now holds it. The other psychologist is in panel too, speaking.

30. PSYCHOLOGIST 2: What we mean is… where do you go from here?

PANEL SIX (row four): Wide. Jack staring straight ahead, strong, hard, with conviction.

31. JACK. Life.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. From behind. Jack walks through a scantly populated hospital lobby, towards the exit, his rucksack over his back. He’s wearing a sandy-brown coloured coat, with a white fur collar, and a diagonal zip down the front.

32. DWAYNE (off-panel): JACK!

PANEL TWO (row one): Small. Close. Jack has turned his head to look behind him.

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Diagonal. Dwayne from behind in the foreground, with the coat on again. Jack from the front in the background, surprised.

33. JACK: Dwayne??

34. DWAYNE: I-er, I came to give you a lift home.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Medium. Side. Jack, blunt and blankly towards contriteful Dwayne.

35. JACK: You don’t have to do that. I’m fine on my own, thank you.

36. DWAYNE: Look, Jack, I-I owe you an apology.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Close. Jack, frowning, taken aback.

37. JACK: For what?!

PANEL SIX (row three): Medium. Dwayne, frank, open. Jack, abrupt.

38. DWAYNE: I never should have told you… about Doris, in the situation you were in. It was stupid, and I was wrong.

39. JACK: No, you were right to tell me. Doris is dead because of me.

PANEL SEVEN (row three): Small. Close. Dwayne supportive, forehead lines pronounced.

40. DWAYNE: Jack, she also lived for years, just because of you.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Frontal. Zoomed out. Jack and Dwayne walk side by side through the hospital.

41. JACK: Thank you.

42. DWAYNE: You up for that lift, then?

43. JACK: I appreciate it.

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Zoomed out. Jack and Dwayne walking out of the entrance of the hospital, into the car lot.

PANEL THREE (row three): Wide. Jack and Dwayne have come to Dwayne’s car, an immaculate ’68 Camaro SS. Jack reacts, surprised.

44. DWAYNE: Well, here we are.

45. JACK: Wow! Nice car.

46. DWAYNE: Thank you, Jack.

PANEL FOUR (row three): Close. Dwayne, open smile, joking.

47. DWAYNE: It’s my woman. It’s the only woman I’ve got anyway.

PANEL FIVE (row four): Close. Jack amused, closed smile.
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PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Jack with his arm outstretched, has handed his rucksack to Dwayne, who holding it, is about to place it into the boot of the Camaro which is popped open.

48. DWAYNE: Let’s get you home, then.

PANEL TWO (row one): Close. A door on the ’68 Camaro, closed shut.


PANEL THREE (row two): Zoomed out. The Camaro near the exit of the hospital parking lot, about to leave the place.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Side, exterior of the Camaro from Jack’s side. He looks through the window, lost in thought.

PANEL FOUR (row three): Wide. Frontal. Interior of Camaro. Dwayne, head slightly tilted towards Jack, his eyes following his movement. Jack continues to stare out of the window.

50. DWAYNE: So, how did the assessment go? I know everyone in your shoes has one.

51. JACK: “No repercussions to my actions”… but we both know that isn’t true.

52. DWAYNE: You er… wanna talk about what happened?

53. JACK: Not really.

54. DWAYNE: Come on, give me something, Jack. You’ll leave me worried.

55. JACK: I don’t know what to say.

56. DWAYNE: Anything about anything that’s happened.

57. JACK: I-I lost my job

58. DWAYNE: Ah, I’m sorry.


PANEL ONE (row one): Bust. Interior of Camaro, Jack, angry.

59. JACK: I’m not. I hated it. I hated all of them!

60. DWAYNE (off-panel): I-I’m sorry to hear that. You okay?

PANEL TWO (row one): Small. Close. Interior of Camaro, Jack, head down, sorrowful.

61. JACK: Y-Yeah.

PANEL THREE (row two): Wide. Diagonal. Interior of Camaro. Jack and Dwayne talking.

62. DWAYNE: What will you do now, then?

63. JACK: I have no idea…

64. DWAYNE: I may be able to help you out there, Jack. No promises. We’ll talk about it once you get sorted.

65. JACK: Alright. Thank you, Dwayne.

66. DWAYNE: So, what… what will you be like when you get home?

PANEL FOUR (row three): Small. Interior of Camaro, Jack, fixed eyes, throws a look to Dwayne, off-panel.

67. JACK: I know what you’re thinking… I’ll be fine. I erm… I’ll probably paint.

68. DWAYNE (off-panel): I saw some of your work. Impressive.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Wide. Exterior of Camaro. Frontal. Jack and Dwayne talking.

69. JACK: Thank you.

70. DWAYNE: You’ll have been doing that for a while then?

71. JACK: Since I got these scars.

72. DWAYNE: What happened there, if you don’t mind me asking, Jack?

73. JACK: Just a traffic accident.

74. DWAYNE: Really, that must have hurt like hell.

PANEL SIX (row three): Close. Side, exterior of the Camaro from Jack’s side. Jack gazes through the window.

75. JACK: You have no idea.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Establishing. The Camaro has pulled up onto a curb outside Jack’s apartment grounds.

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Interior of Camaro. Jack has motioned to get out, with one hand on the handle. Dwayne, with a hand held out on Jack’s shoulder, has stopped him from going.

76. JACK: Thank you, Dwayne.

77. DWAYNE: Whoa, hold your horses. I’ll come up with you.

PANEL THREE (row three): Medium. Dwayne, brow elevated, has dangled a set of keys from his hand.

78. DWAYNE: You’ll need these for your new door.

79. JACK: New door?

80. DWAYNE: You… don’t remember?

PANEL FOUR (row three): Small. Close. Jack with a frowned face that’s trying to recall.

81. JACK: No.

82. DWAYNE: I-er, I had to kick the door in to get you help.

PANEL FIVE (row four): Wide. Interior of Camaro. Jack, startled eyes. Dwayne, reassuring, with one hand on the handle on his side of the Camaro door.

83. JACK: I-I’m really sorry. I’ll pay whatever it cost.

84. DWAYNE: Jack, don’t worry about the damn door. Come on.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Establishing. From behind Jack and Dwayne as they walk through the apartment grounds towards the apartment block.

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Frontal. Dwayne has taken the lead as he and Jack walk along the apartment block corridor to Jack’s apartment. Jack has lost his eyes in Doris’s apartment door.

PANEL THREE (row three): Medium. Side. Dwayne, near Jack’s apartment door, pointing to it, with keys held out on one finger. Jack behind him, focus still locked on Doris’s door.

85. DWAYNE: Right… you just lift the handle, and turn the key twice to the left.

86. DWAYNE: Jack?

PANEL FOUR (row three): Small. Close. Jack, his gaze shifted away from Doris’s door.

87. JACK: Sorry… got it.

PANEL FIVE (row four): Close. Jack’s hand has turned the keys in the lock.

PANEL SIX (row four): Medium. Frontal. Jack, standing in the doorway, an inviting hand held out.

88. JACK: You want to come in?

89. DWAYNE (off-panel): Maybe another time. I’ll let you have some time to yourself.


PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. Over the shoulder. Dwayne, from behind. Jack, from the front, still in doorway, abashed at Dwayne’s gesture.

90. DWAYNE: I-er, I saw that your fridge was empty, so I took the liberty of filling it up.

91. JACK: I… I don’t know what to say. Thank you.

PANEL TWO (row one): Medium. Diagonal. Dwayne, head dropped a little, looking on tentatively.

92. DWAYNE: Just one thing before I go… Doris’s funeral is in a few days. I’ve left the details on a note inside. I hope you’ll be going…

93. DWAYNE: Are you… are you gonna be okay, Jack?

PANEL THREE (row two) Medium. Frontal. A convictive Jack.

94. JACK: You have my word.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Zoomed out. Full figures. Jack, still in the doorway. Dwayne has trailed backwards to leave.

95. DWAYNE: Okay, well… I’ll leave you to it. I’’l be in touch. You need anything, just let me know.

96. JACK. What about the rent I owe you?

97. DWAYNE: Don’t worry about that. Just… take some time for yourself.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Medium. Frontal. The door closed behind him, Jack has walked into his apartment, something at table-length has caught his eye.

PANEL SIX (row three): Medium. Diagonal. Behind Jack, his arm stretched out. He’s picked up a note off the kitchen table.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Close. Dwayne’s handwriting on a non-lined note. It reads details of Doris’s funeral and stretches onto the next panel:

Doris’s Funeral - Order of Service - Twentieth of March

Church Service: 10 am at St John’s Church

Burial: 11 am at Holywell Cemetery

After Service: 12:30 PM at The White Horse

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Establishing. Doris’s burial ceremony. A small crowd of people are gathered, as the priest reads out burial rites over the open grave, a mound of dirt behind the grave.

98. PRIEST: The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away and no on understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

PANEL THREE (row three): Jack, a distance from the gathered crowd, standing in front of a blossom tree, looking on in trepidation. He’s wearing black combat pants, a black long sleeved tight top, and high black boots.

PANEL FOUR (row three): Jack has walked to a spot within the crowd, near the priest. A middle-aged woman (from page 1) from the crowd whispers into the ear of a middle-aged man who is with her.

99. PRIEST: Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.

100. MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN: What is HE doing here? Get rid of him. Get rid of him!

PANEL FIVE (row four): Wide. The priest having took notice of Jack’s presence causing a commotion, has stopped reading the rites. The middle-aged woman, along with the crowd, are now turned Jack’s, way, to the side. The middle-aged woman looking scornfully has pounced upon this opportunity to speak. Jack, also from the side, looks on sorrowfully.

101. MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN: What the hell are YOU doing here?

102. JACK: I… I’m sorry. I-I just came to pay my respects.

103. MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN: You don’t get the RIGHT to do that!!


PANEL ONE (row one): Medium. The middle-aged man, holding the middle-aged woman, has pulled her back, and talks to Jack.

104. MIDDLE-AGED MAN: You’re not welcome, so how about you just GO!

PANEL TWO (row one): Medium. Jack’s head has dropped in defeat.

PANEL THREE (row two): Small. Close. With tears in his eyes, Jack has raised his head.

105. JACK: No.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Side. Now next to the mound of dirt, Jack has crouched over and picked some of the dirt up, clearly visible in his open palm.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Wide. Frontal. Now crouched over the end of the open grave, Jack is dropping dirt into it. The crowd has begun walking away.

106. JACK: I’m so sorry, Doris. I promise, I won’t let you down again.


PANEL ONE (row one): Long. Jack in his apartment, sat at his round kitchen table, just finishing a meal off, when there’s a knock at the door. He’s still wearing the black outfit he wore at Doris’s funeral.

107. SFX: Knock Knock Knock!

PANEL TWO (row one): Long. Front door opened, Dwayne is standing there. He’s wearing a shirt and jeans.

108. JACK: Hi, Dwayne.

109. DWAYNE: Come on: I’m taking you out for a drink.

110. JACK: What? I-I don’t drink.

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Dwayne, open smile, arms held out in front of him, palms facing upwards.

111. DWAYNE: Well, you gotta start sometime, right?

112. JACK (off-panel): I don’t know…

113. DWAYNE: Come on, you’ll be fine.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Medium. Jack in the doorway, eyes looking forward, body quarter-turned. Unsure of himself.

114. JACK: Okay, let me… let me get my coat.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Wide. Small. Establishing. Jack and Dwayne, from behind, about to walk into a bar by the name of charmed. Jack is wearing the sandy-brown coloured coat, with a white fur collar, and a diagonal zip down the front.

PANEL SIX (row three): Diagonal. Slightly overhead. Jack and Dwayne standing at the bar, about to sit down on stools. Jack has placed his coat over his stool. Dwayne addresses the bartender, who’s behind the bar. There’s a TV behind and above the bar. Jack is on the left side, while Dwayne is on the right.

115. DWAYNE: Two bottles, please.

116. BARTENDER: Your usual brand?

116. DWAYNE: You’ve got it.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Diagonal. Side. Jack and Dwayne now sat down on the stools. The waiter has handed them a bottle each. There’s a couple of people in the background sat at tables.

117. DWAYNE: So, how did “the day” go?

118. JACK: The funeral.

119. DWAYNE: Yes.

120. JACK: As well as can be expected… I suppose.

121. DWAYNE: Any trouble?

122. JACK: A little.

PANEL TWO (row two): Wide. Frontal. Dwayne, head turned slightly towards Jack, who has his beer in his hand.

123. DWAYNE: Very brave of you, going there, knowing it was going to be hell.

124. JACK: I don’t feel very brave right about now.

125. DWAYNE: You can’t be too hard on yourself, Jack.

PANEL THREEE (row three): Wide. From behind. Jack watches the TV behind and above the bar. Boxing is on. Dwayne watches Jack.

126. DWAYNE: You like boxing?

127. JACK: I guess I do.

128. DWAYNE: You should come to my gym sometime. Check it out.

129. JACK: I might do that.

PANEL FOUR (row four): Medium. Zoomed out. The waiter, having seen someone enter the door, has left the bar area, and is to the side of the bar, one hand on the counter flap. Jack swigs on his beer. Dwayne, recognising a name, looks behind him.

130. BARTENDER: Hi, Roxi.

131. ROXI (off-panel): Hi, Glen.

132. GLEN: That’s me for the day then.

PANEL FIVE (row four): Slightly overhead. A striking, tomboyish female bartender with swept back hair, named Roxi, is talking to Glen, who has walked past her and is on his way out.

133. ROXI: I hope it was a good day.

134. GLEN: And I hope you have a nice night.

135. GLEN: Watch out for one of the fridge doors, it keeps jamming.

136. ROXI: Okay, Glen. Night night.

137. GLEN: Seeya Roxi.


PANEL ONE (row one): Small. Close. Dwayne addressing Roxi.

138. DWAYNE: Hello, Roxi.

PANEL TWO (row one): Medium. Roxi, open smile.

139. ROXI: Hello again, Dwayne. How are you?

140. DWAYNE (off-panel): I’m good, thank you.

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Frontal. Jack has now turned around to see who Dwayne is talking to. Dwayne, introducing Jack, has his arm held out, palm facing the side.

141. ROXI (off-panel): Who’s your friend?

142. DWAYNE: Oh, this is Jack. Jack: Roxi.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Small. Roxi, holding her hand up by her shoulder, giving a still wave, palm facing front.

143. ROXI: Hi, Jack.

PANEL FOUR (row two): Small. Close. Jack smiles, shyly.

144. JACK: Hi.

PANEL FIVE (row three): Medium. Frontal. Roxi now behind the bar, one hand on her hip, the other lain out on the bar, palm face down.

145. ROXI: So, can I get you guys another drink?

146. DWAYNE (off-panel): That you can.

147. ROXI: Same again?

148. JACK (off-panel): I’ll get these, Dwayne.

149. ROXI: No need. They’re on me, Jack.

150. JACK (off-panel): Thank you.

PANEL SIX (row three): Medium. From the front: Dwayne, sarcastically jovial; Jack, silent and blank. Roxi from behind, is behind the bar.

151. DWAYNE: Wow, Jack, maybe I should bring you with me all the time.

152. ROXI: Don’t get funny.

PANEL SEVEN (row four): Medium. Roxi, with two bottles in her hand, is opening one with a bottle opener. Off-panel, Dwayne’s phone rings.

153. SFX (off-panel): Ring Ring Ring!

PANEL EIGHT (row four): Medium. Dwayne has shifted to the side on his stool, Jack’s way, and is looking at his ringing mobile phone which he holds in his hand. Jack’s head is turned Dwayne’s way.

154. SFX: Ring Ring Ring!

155. DWAYNE: Sorry, Jack, but I’m gonna have to take this.

156. JACK: All right.


PANEL ONE (row one): Wide. Front of Roxi, in the foreground, fridge door opened, as she takes a bottle of beer out of the fridge. Jack and Dwayne in the background. Dwayne making his way out of the bar. Jack takes a swig of beer.

PANEL TWO (row two): Medium. Diagonal. Roxi has planted a bottle of beer on the bar next to Jack, in Dwayne’s place. That makes three bottles of beer on the bar. Jack looks on questionative.

157. JACK: Another one?

158. ROXI: For me.

PANEL THREE (row two): Medium. Frontal. Roxi now sat next to Jack, on Dwayne’s stool. Jack in some shock, has withdrawn his body away from Roxi’s.

159. ROXI: So, Jack, how well do you know Dwayne?

160. JACK: Er, not so well. H-He’s been my landlord for years, but I’ve only recently got to know him a little.

PANEL FOUR (row three): From behind. Jack and Roxi heads turned to one another. Jack, nervous.

161. JACK: A-And you? How long have you known Dwayne?

162. ROXI: Oh, for a while. He knew my dad.

163. JACK: And how… how’s your dad.

164. ROXI: He passed a few years back.

165. JACK: I’m sorry, I-I shouldn’t have gone there…


PANEL ONE (row three): Wide. Frontal. Roxi has caringly extended a hand over Jack’s hand. Jack has froze.

166. ROXI: Don’t worry, Jack. And thank you.

167. ROXI: How about you? Where’s your family?

PANEL TWO: (row four): Wide. Frontal. Jack has coldly withdrawn his hand from Roxi’s.

168. JACK: I hated my family. Got out as soon as I could.

PANEL THREE: Medium. Diagonal. Roxi careful and sensitive, holding her hand with her other hand, in her lap. Jack, cold.

169. ROXI: I’m sorry about that.

170. JACK: It’s no problem. I’m fine on my own.

PANEL FOUR (row four): Large. Roxi and Jack looking over their shoulders, alerted and concerned.

171. UNKOWN (off-panel): HAHAHAHA, she totally blew you off for scarface, man!

172. UNKOWN (off-panel): Well, I don’t fucking see her blowing you off, hotshot!

173. ROXI: Uh-oh, here’s trouble!
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