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Screwtape Jenkins
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JLA Screenplay Excerpt: Wonder Woman meets Flash

For funsies.

We pick up right after an Apokoliptic invasion force, led by Hawkman, (what?!) has descended on Metropolis:


Diana stands unmoving as others run screaming all around her; looks up at the battle overhead.

She looks frustrated that all of the action is happening in the sky and out of her reach...

As if in answer to her prayer, one of the larger alien TRANSPORT SHIPS hovers over the city street just in front of her.

Dozens of laser-rifle-wielding ALIEN INFANTRY disembark from the craft, including half a dozen BEHEMOTHS - large, walking, heavily armored tanks.

Seeing these Behemoths, Diana cracks a smile. Those look big enough.

She throws off her overcoat. Dons a tiara. No longer just Diana from Themyscira, the world will now know her as WONDER WOMAN.

She barrels through the puny, gun-wielding infantry, headed right towards the biggest Behemoth she can find.

It opens up on her with shoulder-mounted turrets; Wonder Woman effortlessly bats away its fire with her mystical metal BRACELETS.

She SLAMS into the Behemoth like a LINEBACKER hitting a tackling dummy. Wraps it in a bear hug so MERCILESS the Behemoth’s metal housing CRACKS and BUCKLES in her grip.

She SUPLEXES the Behemoth to the ground, utterly CRUSHING it.

The other Behemoths move in on her. But Wonder Woman moves through them in a blur of body slams, choke holds, and general Greco-Roman bad-assery.

Each Behemoth must weigh ten tons, easily, but Wonder Woman tosses them around like rag dolls.

She’s having so much fun, she doesn’t notice as the alien Infantry takes over the street all around her.

As she finishes the Behemoths, she looks up to find herself surrounded by hundreds of guns.

She holds up her bracelets, but it’s doubtful even she can block this much incoming fire.


Suddenly, a red and gold BLUR moves through the alien ranks; the aliens’ rifles DISAPPEAR from their hands.

The blur expands to a small TORNADO. It sucks HUNDREDS of alien infantry into its vortex and sends them flying through the air into Metropolis Bay!

The red and gold blur coalesces to human form, giving us our first clear look at Wally West as THE FLASH.

He wears a full-body red suit, with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest, and little yellow wings, like that of the god Mercury, on his ears.

Wonder Woman is stunned by his arrival. Flash drinks in the sight of her as he approaches - the long legs, the heaving, lightly perspiring bosoms, that gorgeous face...

FLASH: Mmmm. Girl, you are a tall drink of water. And I’m telling you straight up -


Flash disappears in a blur behind Wonder Woman, knocking out a few infantry stragglers. He reappears with his arms draped around her.

FLASH: - I'm thirsty.
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