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Artist needed: Avatars and accessories for Web site

I'm looking for an artist to design customizable avatars for a Web site. This would consist of two base forms, a male and a female, and five "accessories" for 11 modifiable points on the avatar. The accessories would be unisex.

I will pay $485 for the entire job. $100 upon delivery of the base avatars, and a further $385 when everything is delivered ( breaking down to $7 per accessory). I can flex a bit on that -- if you'd prefer to be paid $77 per completed set of accessories ($7 x 11), that will work, but we'll have to define the sets first. You'll note (below) that there are a few sets that turn into a complete outfit: the Wizard set, the Nightmare set, the Writer set, etc.

We'll need to touch base from time to time with the accessories to be sure we're hitting the right marks.

The bad news: I know that's not tons of money. This is an out-of-pocket project, and I'm doing the best I can.

The good news: the deadlines are reasonable (May 15 for final completion), which means that once you've got your bases down, you can just create new items in layers on top of your base as between-things work or warmup exercises. Some of the ideas for accessories are more sophisticated than others, but I'm open to other options.

You will need to invoice me for the job upon stage completion (first for the bases, then for the rest of the job) and delivery.

I will pay via Paypal, within 10 business days of completion of both stages.

I'll need the art files in .psd, .ai or .svg format, as well as transparent PNGs (300 dpi) of each individual piece. I can arrange for an FTP site if needed. You'll probably be working in layers to make sure the accessories fit the bases, and a layered file will be fine, as long as there's *also* a PNG for each individual avatar and accessory.

Style details below.


Send: anything you think is appropriate in terms of portfolio that matches the style description below.

Feel free to contact any of the below for confirmation that I'm a solid dude that pays collaborators on time:

Roy Boney, Jr. - www.royboney.com
Kevin MacKenzie - https://picasaweb.google.com/116452243562787215974
Diego Jourdan - http://djourdanpereira.carbonmade.com/

General art style: cartoonish.

I'm open to everything from a Jen Zee Bastion look to a Katie Coleman "cute" look to a Kingdom of Loathing raw look (well, maybe a LITTLE more developed than KoL.)

Hard lines, not sketchy or shaded.

The Ape Entertainment books Pocket God and Kung-Fu Panda would be good general ideas: thick black lines, cartoony rather than comic-booky style. Turn Bruce Timm up to 1000% and Jim Lee down to 0%.

What I am *not* looking for: 3d/rendered/Poser art. Shojo or other overly anime-themed art.

Colour: *none*. Colour will eventually be implemented via JavaScript, hence the need for PNGs with transparent backgrounds.

Avatar needs:

Base avatar: male
Base avatar: female

Generic look for both avatar bases: shorts and t-shirt.

The idea -- again -- is that these accessories will fit onto the avatar bases seamlessly. If I can't drop them on either base, we'll have to figure out how to adjust.

Shakespeare hat (puffy, with feather)
wizard hat
tall top hat (Lincoln)
beanie with propeller
sea captain's hat

hair (hat may superimpose over hair, or hair may supercede hat)
Prince Valiant (bowl cut)
pixie haircut

Spock/elf ears
giant ears
no nose
clown nose
Frankenstein bolts

granny/librarian glasses
Elton John glasses
Cyclops visor
energy where eyes should be

facial hair
cthulhu tentacles
Shakespeare beard
handlebar moustache
braces on teeth
Hellraiser spikes

wizard robe
patchwork shirt
bulky sweater
[site logo] t-shirt
"Kiss the Author" apron

wizard pants
Edward Scissorhand stitchy pants
hoop skirt
flowery skirt

jet boots
cowboy boots
bunny slippers
stiletto heels
fish for feet

left hand item
wizard staff
feather pen
baseball bat

right hand item
crackling energy
voodoo doll

tiny dragon
pet rock
a baby
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