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Writer in need of Artists for Several Books (Pay through Indiegogo)

My name is James, and I am an aspiring comics writer. I have countless ideas for comics that are in desperate need of artists. Each of them have a specific art style and tone that I am looking for. Also, as for pay, I would personally prefer finishing 22 pages to show online before going for an Indiegogo campaign as it raises awareness of the project. What I am looking for if one wants immediate pay is 3-5 pages of artwork and a cover page to use as promotional material. The pay is $2000-2500 for the first issue if we are successfully funded. Another option is delivering a complete project to Image.

If anyone is interested in any of these projects, or have a pitch of their own, contact me at: jamesthecomicswriter@live.com

•Bloodbath—An ultra-violent satire/action comedy series about a superhero that goes mad and becomes a lethal protector. The series is a lampoon of both superhero action as well as society itself. Looking for evocative artwork.
•Monster Hunter—An action packed comic following the life of Nick a Monster Hunter who struggles with the two monster mafias lead by Dracula and the Wolf Man. Stories range from horrific (such as a story involving a Freddy Krugger-like boogeyman) to comedic (such as Nick meeting Frankenstein’s Monster, who is more annoying than scary). (Script Available)
•Dumbasses travel through Time: Who knows why Father Time endowed these two idiots with the power of time travel. Nick and Danny are two of the stupidest Community College drop-outs you'll ever meet, but for whatever reasons they become guardians of time. The two quickly cause catastrophic events to the timestream, ranging from saving Jesus from crucifixion, unintentionally causing the dinosaurs extinction and causing the rise of machines over man. A good ol comedy series.
•Ubermensch : A four issue original graphic novel. A story about superpowers in the real-world following an insecure teen gaining superpowers and quickly abusing them. Ultra-realistic violence. Looking for a photo-realistic style.
•Incredibleman—A superhero story following the life of Arthur Mallory a young teen who discovers a “sword” that gives him the powers to become the superhero Incredibleman.
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