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A Soldier's Fortune Cover

I created this comic book called "A Soldier's Fortune" and I also posted up a Kickstarter for it. But the only problem is that I can't afford to make the project look as professional as possible. I wanted to know if there are any artists out there that wouldn't mind helping contribute towards it with a cover for the comic book.


I came up with a concept, and the only thing that the artist would have to do is draw a pair of eyes, and a solider in the distance. Other then that everything is in a silhouette and doesn't have as much detail.

The artist would spend most of their time water coloring the sky. Or at least making it look as blue and beautiful as possible. Well only the parts in the center where the solider is standing. Everything else is in a murky dark cloud that seems to drift a way from him. The eyes in the hill are look up at him, watching his every move as he continues being the soldier that he is.

I can't imagine it would take an artist more then half a day or even a couple hours to finish it.

If your at all interested in being a part of this idea, and would like to do the cover.

Send me a message here:

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