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Post [Info] Creator Resources

The Creation Process

Steven Grant's "Creating Comics" series from Comic Book Resources:
Step 1: The idea
Step 2: What is the story about?
Step 3: Developing characters
Step 4: Plot
Step 4b: More about plot
Step 5: Setting
Step 6: Characterization
Step 7: Dialogue in theory
Step 8: Dialogue in practice
Step 9: Mechanical aspects of writing
Step 10: The pitch

Larry Young on pitching comics
Creator Services: Clearing house of submission guidelines and other resources, compiled by Caleb Monroe


Val Staples' Poor Man's Guide to Self-Publishing
Warren Ellis on marketing
Grass roots marketing (Engine discussion)
"Selling It On Street Corners" (Engine discussion on what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to marketing)


Brenner Printing
Dream Weaver Press
iComics (all-ages only)
Morgan Printing

Contract Resources

PDFs of invoices, contracts and more
Sample collaboration agreement
Drafting work-for-hire agreements
Graphic Arts Guild Contract Monitor
FindLegalForms.com legal forms

Trademark & Copyright

U.S. Copyright Office FAQ
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
10 Myths About Copyright Explained
The Publishing Law Center (includes articles on Protection of Graphic Characters, Protection of Fictional Characters, Fair Use, and more)
The Copyright Website (includes info on fair use and public domain)
The Trademark Blog
eBay: Marvel intellectual property FAQ
How to Determine Public Domain
Snopes.com on the "Poor Man's Copyright"

Press Releases

Guide to Writing Successful Press Releases
DW thread with press release tips

Reference & Research

The Routine Autopsy: A Guide for Screenwriters and Novelists
Police Department Badges (photos of various law enforcement badges from throughout the U.S.)
Death: The Last Taboo: All about death, from mourning rituals to morgues to autopsies
SkyscraperPage.com: Skyscraper diagrams and statistics
Vehicle designs and photos
Aircraft photos
Rifles n Guns: good photos of an assortment of modern firearms
Modern Firearms and Ammunition
Muscles tutorial
Master Muscle List
More muscles
Spaceship models

Newest Additions

Paneling, pacing and layout, from Rivkah (Tokyopop's Steady Beat): Part 1; Part 2

Digital comic coloring, by Jim Rauch: Part 1 (flatting); Part 2 (rendering)

Comic Book Conventions: A fairly comprehensive list of conventions, with links to individual sites

Script-writing terminology

Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work
Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources

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