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The Predator
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Syndicated comics - other artist

Hi everyone. This is just a thought I have.
The thing is I have written a comic that seems to interest one of the bigger syndicates here in Europe. However I donīt know if I should draw it my self.
Is there anyone here who had experience of working with another artist for a syndicated daily strip comics.
I donīt have the time to draw it my self but I think it would be a waste of a good comicstrip to just leave it behind.
How would you guys and girls do? If itīs picked up it means a lot of work and how big is the risks that the artist may drop out?
The Predator (a nice one)
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Well, I work with an artist on a webcomic, I don't see how it would be much different working for a syndicate. I don't have any problems or anything.

Yes, it's true that an artist can always turn out to be uncommited, but I think you should be able to find a professional to collaborate with without too much difficulty.
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Old 06-08-2006, 01:39 PM
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Tried but True

If you're worried about your artist bailing, make it worth their time. $$$ talks, and I haven't met many artists (myself included) that can't be bought.

And the ever popular 50/50 split of profits isn't considered payment.

Non-paying gigs are hobbies, and expecting someone to commit to your hobby, I think you'll be disappointed.

But that shouldn't be a problem once you get the syndication deal, since they'll be paying you (theoretically). If they're a non-paying syndicate, I can only wish you good luck.
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If you pay the artist to do the work you can have them sign a contract to stay with you for a certain period of time, so you can expect the artist to do the work. Or, you can have the artist do the work before you start the weekly/daily strip that way when it starts you'll have time to get a new artist if they leave. If I were you I would just have the strip finished by at least three issues before you start publishing it. If it is daily then you might want to be a week ahead, so you can leave enough time open to hire a new artist. I hope I’m making since here.
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Scott Story
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If it's syndicated, it seems like it would be worth the time to draw yourself.
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I gotta agree with Scott on that,draw it yourself man.
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