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Questions for inkers

Hey all. Do you inkers prefer a tight pencilled page or a loose one?
Also, do you double check the penciler's perspectives, etc. or just go with what they have?
I'm no inker, but when I ink over my own drawing I of course draw a little more loosely knowing I'll make my choices when inking. Would most inkers prefer to make those choices on someone else's pencils? I look at a pencilled page as only half done (tight or loose), and the other half is done by the inker. To me it's a collaboration, so as a penciler, I wouldn't mind the inker making his/her choices on my pencils. If I didn't like it of course, I'd possibly try to switch inkers, but I'd have the same view regarding working with anyone else.
TIA for your input.
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Some of us are comfortable with it and some aren't, it really depends on the penciller-inker team in particular because it'll vary for everyone. I know I can handle loose or tight for some styles of pencils, others I prefer just loose, and some I need to be tight so I can actually see what I'm working with
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I pretty much agree with Mecha. I like working with Either type of pencils. Granted loose pencils take more time but it allows the Inker to put more of their own interpretation in to the page. I enjoy loose pencils because it give me more freedom to work with but I also Like doing more tight cartoonish style Pencils just because they are fun. Like Mecha said, it really just depends on the inker/penciller relationship and what the penciller feels comfertable letting the inker do with their pencils. I personally, if I see something that is not right in the pencils, I will mention it to whoever needs to hear it and ask for permission to make those adjustments, I guess i don't feel it is proper to just go and change it without saying anything unless that is agreement that you made before hand.
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For me, it really depends on how long I've worked with the penciller. When we're just starting out, I do prefer more tight pencils, but once I got a feel for the style and all, I like 'em a little looser.
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doesn't matter to me if I get loose/tight pencils. I've worked with both and am comfortable with my own style/draftsmanship to deal with whatever is thrown my way. If something is way off, I will correct it if I feel like it. I used to do it more often, but in recent years I've been doing it less and less, saying "F*** it." I don't get paid any more to basically redraw the errors, and all the blame goes to the penciller anyway.

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