Solus #1 and #2

CrossGen Entertainment
Story: Barbara Kesel
Art: George Perez
Inker: Rick Magyar
Colors: Larry Molinar
Letters: Dave Lanphear

The plan has collapsed. The grand design has been discovered and destroyed. The CrossGen Universe will never be the same. Welcome to Solus, a lone planet in the CrossGen Universe that is home to a unique individual; a god like woman with no memory of who she is or where she came form before being reborn by the planet itself. Shortly after she awakens, she is transported to the planet Helios where Virtual Reality Games control peoples lives and becomes engaged in a battle between that planet's heroine Andra and her arch nemesis Zeuss. The outcome shakes the planet's foundation to its core and all three lives are altered forever.

CrossGen does with Solus what they have already been doing with Crux. They have been building on the shared mythology of their universe and characters, taking us slowly down a road to what is bound to be one hell of a story. The first two issues of the series introduce readers to all kinds of clues and information one would only get by reading other CrossGen titles. Still, you can read Solus and not pick up any other issue of a CrossGen book and you would get a complete story and not be lost or confused.

Helping keep that structure in place is Barbara Kesel. Barbara is a veteran of both CrossGen and comic books in general. She brings all that talent with her on this book in crafting a tale that goes from fantasy to hi tech sci-fi and back in the same issue with out missing a beat or seeming forced. The characterization after two issues is unique and the cast is slowly growing. As is the mythology, as fans will discover in the middle of issue #2. If you've been a long time reader of the CrossGen books, several in particular, it answers an interesting question as it presents a new one.

Joining her on this book is one of my personal heroes, George Perez. One of the first books I ever bought with my own money was a George Perez issue and his art work is as vibrant and breathtaking today as it was back then all those many years ago. He is still the king of rubble, drawing pulverized rock and shards of metal like no other can. Oh, and his character design and layouts are still fresh and eye catching too.

The one problem this book might run into in the future will depend on how well CrossGen continues to lay out and reveal their plans for their comics. I can see where if things are drawn out too long the series will lose its voice and become similar to Star Trek in nature where they used the same formula over and over and over again until it was beat into the ground with a stick. The down fall of many a title in the past.

Both Solus #1 and #2 are on the shelves now. Check 'em out.

Reviewer: Ian Ascher

Ian Ascher is a freelance Writer/Creator

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